Home Theater Services

We'll get you up and running

Nothing sets the mood for a movie better than a great surround sound system, and it makes music more enjoyable also. Whether a dedicated home theater, or in a multi-use room we can help you find the best home audio system to meet your needs and budget, then determine the best setup that will allow for the best quality and easiest operation. Then, we can do the installation for you. We can provide you with a complete sound system from a wide variety of brands whether a simple stereo system for just listening to music, or a full surround audio system, at prices that are usually better than the chain stores, or we can install your existing equipment.

Your Theatre experience is only steps away! Every home is different and reflects the owner’s personal style and taste. At Electronic City our professional team will take your home’s individual Acoustics, Electrical and Electronic requirements and fold it into a complimentary Home Theatre Design.

We start with a one-one meeting with you, and your builder if required. Then we work up a design which includes your component selection. After your final approval, we put the design to work with on-site installation of Pre-Wiring and Custom Electronic Solutions. We work with from start to finish — right down to which button you press on your remote control.

Why Home Theatre?

Simply said, a Home Theatre duplicates a real movie theatre experience in your own home. With today’s outstanding electronic and furniture options, we can help you develop an exciting Home Theatre system that fits in your home’s decor and your budget.