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Even with the advent of low cost, large size flat panel LCD and Plasma wide screen HD TVs, the TV projector screen remains an excellent choice when a larger viewing screen is needed, for the rollup out-of-sight feature of the screen in front of a conference room white board or a wall covered with art work or projector displays.

As more video viewing is now in the wide screen HD format, we provide only the newest HD 16 x 9 ratio wide picture projectors and screens. Cable and satellite wide screen HD is now becoming commonplace while components like the new Blue-ray disc player and office laptops now provide video output in wide screen for projectors also.

If you want the cinema experience without overpriced popcorn and soda, than you should consider an LCD/LED projector for your home theater installation. Selecting the right projector and screen is critical to the success of your home theater and that’s where the professionally trained and certified installers from Electronic City come in. We offer the highest quality brands, at a great value and we are committed to making your home theater one of the most enjoyable parts of your home.

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If you are looking for projector installation services for your home, business or facility call Electronic City. We have experienced design and installation technicians ready to help with your project whether it is a basic install or a completely automated system. Electronic City looks forward to working on your project.